Power BI Consultant

 Power BI Consultant

     Power BI Consultant


    Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Job Description: Power BI Consultant at Adecco

    Job Description: Power BI Consultant at Adecco

    Company The Adecco Group
    Employment Type Contract (6 months)
    Job Role Power BI Consultant
    Client Airlines and Aviation
    Location Abu Dhabi


    • Provide actionable workforce insights.
    • Create powerful data visualizations and dashboards.
    • Tell compelling data-driven stories to facilitate strategic decision-making.

    The Power BI Consultant will play a crucial role in HR reporting, analytics, and decision-making processes by leveraging digital technology and developing HR decision support tools.


    • Participate in HR and Talent lifecycle activities to enhance HR service delivery through digital technology and process automation.
    • Support the implementation of the HR data solutions roadmap for digital transformation.
    • Prepare business requirements using various methods to articulate needs for user roles, goals, and digital products.
    • Engage in deep-dive analyses, technical development of tools and data models, financial and value-chain analysis, and integration of HR data value chain with IT.
    • Collaborate with business leaders to conduct analysis supporting business strategy.
    • Translate business needs into sustainable analytics and insights for HR domain and business leaders.
    • Work with IT teams to co-develop reporting and analytics products’ portfolio.

    Other Responsibilities

    • Liaise with HR Employee Experience Team to enhance employee experience and promote human-centric design in HR reports and decision processes.
    • Cooperate with HRIS Team to understand data requirements for next-generation workforce analytics.
    • Participate in professional conferences and stay updated on emerging trends in HR technology and future work practices.


    Education & Experience:

    • Minimum 4 years of related experience in workforce reporting, analytics, and decision-support product development.
    • Fundamental knowledge in HR technology, business intelligence tools, and analytics.
    • Experience in digital technology delivery lifecycle, including agile methods and design thinking.
    • Familiarity with HR digital space, HR data ecosystems, digital architecture, and analytics.
    • Technical expertise in reporting technologies such as Power BI, Tableau, and PowerQuery.
    • Programming and integration skills in languages like Python, SQL, and KNIME are advantageous.
    • Bachelor’s degree in Business and IT or relevant field; Master’s degree preferred.

    If you meet these requirements and are interested in this opportunity, please contact Adecco.

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